Meter Poles/Service Poles

For local customers in need of meter poles manufactured to Puget Sound Energy specifications, call The Oeser Company, we’ve got you covered!

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) Meter Pole Specifications

  • Be sound, round, reasonably straight, and made of wood.
  • Fully pressure treated.
  • Class 6 or better with a minimum diameter of 5-1/2 inches at the top.
  • 35 feet long minimum (shorter lengths with prior approval from PSE).
  • Butt gain cut 12 feet from the bottom of the pole (2-inch by 1/2-inch cut into the face of the pole), or a manufacturer’s tag attached at 12 feet from the bottom of the pole.

Puget Sound Energy, Electric Service Handbook 2021 – Single Family Residential Projects,, pg 36.